December 19, 2013

the world is growing smaller. (Stu's Year in Music Survey)

once again it's time for the annual Stu's Year in Music survey! this was a good year, really, the best.

2013 music survey;

^Josh Ritter

What song sums up 2013 for you?
Josh Ritter - Change of Time

What albums did you listen to over and over?
Watsky: Cardboard Castles
Josh Ritter: The Beast in Its Tracks
Tegan and Sara: Hertthrob
Patty Griffin: American Kid
Bastille: Bad Blood
Lissie: Back To Forever
Childish Gambino: Because The Internet
John Williams: The Book Thief Soundtrack
Les Misérables Soundtrack
Maria Mena: Weapon in Mind
Maia Hirasawa: What I Saw

What was the best gig you went to?
I saw quite a few great bands this year but the highlights were definitely Watsky at Utrecht Neterlands and Josh Ritter at Dublin, Ireland. These two are currently my absolute favorite artists, especially Josh Ritter is my musical soul mate. i adore him. i also saw Blur at Provinssirock, here in finland, but for some reason, although i had dreamed about it since late 90's, it wasn't the most memorable gig this year. it was nostalgic, sure, and amazing to be able to make a dream that i dreamed as a kid to come true. but it was much more moving and amazing to make some current musical dreams to come true. also i got to do some traveling when seeing Watsky and Josh, it was magical all together.

What songs did you have on repeat?
Watsky - Sloppy Seconds
Watsky - Wounded Healer
Josh Ritter - Joy To You Baby
Night Beds - Even If We Try
Childish Gambino - 3005
Jhene Aiko feat. Childish Gambino - Bed Peace
Lord Huron - Ends of The Earth
Lissie - Shameless
Noah Gundersen - Jesus, Jesus


What was your best musical discovery this year?
Watsky! Definitely. I can't really believe that i've been listening to him less than a year. it was such a strong connection form the very start. i mean i did flew to Netherlands just to see him play. an other great musical find is Noah Gundersen, he is beautiful.

What 5 musicians/bands did you listen to the most? says; Josh Ritter, Watsky, Patty Griffin, Bastille and Tegan and Sara.

What was the best CD you bought?
Watsky's Cardboard Castles and Josh Ritter's The Beast in Its Tracks. Both are autographed!

Did you buy any music DVDs this year?
no i didn't.

What are the best lyrics you heard this year?
"I don't care where you've been, how many miles, I still love you." - Watsky
"How many times did you give all your love and find out it was so far from far from enough?" - Josh Ritter

^Childish Gambino

Did you stop liking any musicians/bands?
i don't think so.

Did you learn an instrument this year? If so, did you play any gigs?
still no. maybe next year?

What band did you hate this year?
Robin Thicke is quite awful. not just cause that one song is so questionable, but his music kind of sucks.

Did you have a musical guilty pleasure this year?
i don't believe in 'guilty pleasures' but i guess i could say that i sort of fell in love with Kesha.

^Noah Gunderse

What was the worst song of the year?
that Robin Thicke one. though i have to admit, i had never heard it before it everybody started talking about how offensive it is. and then i listened to it and the song is just musically awful as well.

What was the coolest music video you saw this year?
Josh Ritter made a cool video for his song Evil Eye, it was like a trailer to a fictional 60's horror movie! also i really liked Lilly Allen's Hard Out Here video, that was mocking Robin Thicke's video.

Did you watch Idol/the arias/grammys/mtv awards?
well i've seen the infamous Miley Cyrus performance. and i don't really get why people were upset. once again it was more upsetting that she performed with Robin Thicke than what she did on the stage. it was a joke, not that i found it funny, but it was just silly, stupid and idiotis on purpose!

What was the worst musical comeback of the past year?
in all honesty, David Bowie's album was a disappointment for me. of course it wasn't the worst musical comeback, it's David Bowie! but because of the anticipation it was disappointing for me.

What was the best musical comeback of the year?
there were none that i really cared about, Justin Timberlake pulled off his comeback pretty well though.


Who were your favourite female vocalists?
Taylor Swift, Cat Power, Patty Griffin

Who were your favourite male vocalists?
Josh Ritter, Watsky, Childish Gambino

What radio station did you listen to most?
didn't listen to much of radio.

What was the biggest band you saw this year?
Josh Ritter, Watsky and Blur.

If you have one, how often did you listen your iPod/mp3 player this year?
i listen to mushc from my phone, and i do it pretty much daily.

What was your favourite soundtrack to a film this year?
The World's End had an amazing soundtrack!


What was your favourite music themed film you saw this year?
Les Miserablés was quite amazing.

What was the best local band you heard/saw this year?
Herra Ylppö ja Ihmiset was pretty great.

Did you meet any famous musicians?
i met Watsky. he was the sweetest!

Did you put up any music posters around your room/house?
no. but i just ordered this really cool Childish Gambino poster by this artist Mei Lee, i'm waiting for it to arrive.

Totalled, how much do you think you spent on music this year (cds, merch, tickets, etc)?
i think i spent avout 150€ in tickets, 100€ for cd's and 40€ for merch, so about 290€.

What type of music did you find yourself listening to most this year?
folk, country, pop, some rap & hip hop

Best song to be happy to you listened to this year?
Josh Ritter's Joy To You Baby

Best song to be sad to you listened to this year?
Watsky's Wounded Healer

^Michael Bublé

Band/singer with the best style this year?
i like Watsky's casual style.

What shows are you looking forward to in the new year?
i'm going to see Michael Bublé on February next year!

Did you buy any band merchandise this year?
a Josh Ritter shirt and a Childish Gambino poster.

Did you pirate any music this year?

Did you miss out on going to any really good concerts this year?
Lissie, i was supposed to go but i didn't have the time or the money.

What was the last gig you went to?
some random band at a student party.

How many songs are on your computer/itunes?
i don't know cause i mostly just use Spotify.

What are you listening to now?
Bad Books - Baby Shoes


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