June 27, 2014

you've got time. // An abandoned prison at Kakolanmäki

hi! it’s been awhile since i last made a blog post(again). finally, it’s summer! although it doesn’t feel much like it. while the summer in southern Finland begun with a heat wave, lately we have been enjoying a much colder weather. hopefully the nice sunny days will make a return at some point.

i’m spending my summer studying, which basically means doing few exams for which i have to read few text books. really, i’m just vacationing. i had a friend visiting me a few weeks back. we spent our three days together glued to my couch marathoning season 2 of Orange is the New Black from Netflix. time well spent i would say. back then we still had actual summer weather so we did manage to drag ourselves outside of my apartment a little.

with our outside adventures we continued our OITNB prison theme by visiting an old abandoned prison that is just across the street from my apartment building. the prison is on top of a hill called Kakolanmäki and it was build in 1850’s. the prison was shut down in 2007 and has been empty ever since. the buildings are however protected by the Finnish National Board of Antiquities.

getting to the top of the hill is a bit of a climb.

a part of the main building

the hill provides a nice view.

the prison guards' control room was pretty much destroyed.

once the purpose of this building was to keep people in. now there are locks everywhere to keep people out.

"it's windy there and the view's so nice."

the final view; Turku Cathedral at the city center.

have you watched Orange is the New Black season 2?

did you love it or did you Love it?!
does your town have any cool abandoned buildings/places?


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