Hi! I'm Stu. A 20-something female person from Finland.

I'm an English major, avid reader, passionate about photography, addicted to tv-shows and opinionated about movies. I live in a wonderful coastal town in Finland and I share my apartment with hundreds of books and occasional plants that I always manage to kill.

I spend most of my days studying, or at least I pretend I do. I'm a collector who never has enough globes, vintage cameras or great vegetarian cooking books. I love to travel, to stargaze and study planets. Jupiter is my favorite and Galileo Galilei is my favorite astronomer.

My favorite book is The Great Gatsby and may or may not written several essays about it, for fun. I will not deny nor confirm this. Josh Ritter and Bob Dylan make my favorite music, but I also love to dance to Taylor Swift and rap along Watsky or Childish Gambino. I watch my favorite movie, Garden State like once a month.

I named my blog after my one of my favorite Dylan song, Bob Dylan's 115th Dream. This is my little place on the internet. It's random and sometime chaotic, just like the dream Bob describes in his song. I hope you enjoy your stay here.

Feel free to leave a comment, I promise to check your blog too, if you have one!

xx Stu

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