January 6, 2010

i took something and it feels like Karate!

well hello kids! it's 2010, how crazy is that? this is the decade when i turn 30. even more crazy. tho that's not in an other almost 8 years so let's just concentrate on Now okay. i'm not a huge fan of new year's resolutions, still i make them every year. or at least i try. so, this year is no exception. but instead of Promising something (like Lose Weight!) i'd like to just suggest things i should maybe think doing or not doing or what ever. so, here they are.

do more stuff.
 don't just plan stuff, make them happen. wheter it's some creative project you've been meaning to do, or a place you've wanted to visit, book you think you might enjoy but just haven't read yet. well don't Think so much, just do it. live a little.
do your best.
cause if you don't, it doesn't really count, does it. do good at school, and when you're good, do better.
sleep enough, don't oversleep so much.
break that bad habit, it's getting ridicilous. seriously.
 challenge yourself.
there are a lot of things you don't like and things that scares you. try to get over those fears and dislikes. don't let them bring you down, do what you have to do. don't worry so much.
be healthy.
be good to yourself. eat what feels right. exercise more, if you want. don't be so hard on your self. and remember the good night sleep!
Love your self.
every single day.  
okay those may have sounded kind of demanding, but they're not, really. it's gonna be an awesome year. i know it is! the best band in the whole wide World, The Ark(seriously, check them out!) is gonna release a new album. that can only mean a one thing; Gigs! also, i just booked flight tickets to London with my friend Silja. Awesome! it's gonna be the hardest school year so far, but probably the most rewarding too. i also wish to write hundreds of letters, sent ridicilous amounts of other mail too. maybe recieve some my self and just be happy. and that i will not run out of money cause, i'd hate that. okay, i wish you all have a very Awesome Random Crazy 2010. until next time; 


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