January 8, 2010

let the Wild Rumpus start!

Where The Wild Things Are
director: Spike Jonze
based on a book by Maurice Sendak
 Where The Wild Things Are is a movie by Spike Jonze(Being John Malkovich), it's an adaptation of a classic childrens book by Maurice Sendak, that carries the same name as the movie. it's a story about a young boy with a Wild imagination named Max(played by the incredible Max Records). Max is a lonely boy who misses his dad and feels ignored by his mother and older sister. one night he makes a scene in front of his mothers new boyfriend and when  his mother (furiously) tries to make him calm down he bits her and rans away. while on the run Max stumbles upon a boat and he sets sail. after a few days at the sea he runs ashore to this strange island that is inhabitet by these odd Wild Creatures. they make Max their king, and the most amazing adventure that a 9 year old boy could ever have, begins.

Where The Wild Things Are is not a typical kids movie, i'm not even sure if it's a kids movie at all. but then again, anyone who has read the book knows, it's rather a blue and raw story about being a kid than a happy sugary fairytale. it's a perfect narration of a childs mind. how it copes with loneliness and responsibility of his own actions. "I have a sadness shield that keeps out all of the sadness and it's big enough for all of us."
what i found rather interesting, is that how clearly  most of the Wild creatures embodies people from Max's real life. KW is like his sister, who has "replaced" her family with her New Friends and Max feel she has forgotten about him. Judith is just like Max's mother, at least the way Max probably sees her sometimes, nagging and always taking the fun out of everything. and Carol, Max's favorite, sometimes really reminds Max himself. and Max, Max might be like how he sees his dad. The King, who knows how to have fun, but sometimes makes bad decicions, and has left him and his family like he is about to do to his new Friends.
it's absolutely an Amazing movie, beautifully shot and the writers had done an amazing job too. adaptating Sendaks book, that is like 10 sentences long, into a movie. go see it if you feel like you never grew old and you know there's a Wild Thing inside of you too.

"inside all of us is Hope.
inside all of us is Fear
inside all of us is Andventure
inside all of us is a Wild Thing."


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